Here are a few more examples of recent images  

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NGC 2359  

Emission Nebula  imaged feb 3, 2021

A bright nebula surrounding a Wolf-Rayet Star and located about twelve thousand light years away in the constellation Canis Major. The seeing was poor and as such this image is the sum of thirty out of one hundred and ten collected that night. I hope to get an improved image later this month. Updated with sixty two minute exposure.





Ngc 6559 

star-forming region  Imaged Aug. 16, 2020

NGC 6559 is found at a distance of about 5000 light-years from Earth, in the constellation of Sagittarius and shows both emission and reflection regions. This is the sum of fourteen one minute images.





 NGC 2068

Casper the friendly Ghost nebula imaged March 4th and 7th, 2021 

Discovered by Pierre M├ęchain in early 1780 this nebula is about 1,350 light years away.  This is a fourty seven minute exposure over two nights of VERY bad seeing.  I hope to add to this data later this week. 


NGC 2903

Barred Spiral Galaxy imaged April 2nd and 3rd, 2021 

This galaxy was descovered by William Herschel in 1784 and is about 30 million light years away. I imaged this over two nights and only got one hour and twenty minutes of useable data. I hope to add to this later as only a much longer exposure will show the outer spiral arms. 









The Whirlpool imaged March 4th and 7th, 2021 

Discovered by Messier in 1773 M51 is one of the most imaged targets in astrophotography. I have an image of this galaxy that i made last year posted on this site. I hope you can see how much the quality of the photography has improved. Can't wait to do this one again next year.